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September 3, 2017

Welcome to!


The What’s The Move? Website is finally up and running and the wait was 100% worth it. The site is all set and ready to be your plug to a thriving social life. Of course there are some significant differences going from newsletter to website. So to make the adjustment a little easier, here are some of the features explained.

Home Page: The WTM Home page will always feature a variety of different post. This is where you come when we have a new website feature or new information about WTM to share, an Eat With Nia or Team Nigma post and this is where you can find all of our featured events.

Eat With Nia: Nia loves food more than she loves people, so you can expect her post to reflect that. In this section of the website, you can find plenty of restaurant options. From incredible pizza shops to the finest of dining experiences. If you’re looking for someplace good to eat, this is where you come look!

Night with Team Nigma (Media): We have the pleasure of having the incredible Team Nigma be apart of the WTM team. They’ll be covering events all over the city and making sure they are well documented with pictures and videos. If you missed out on an event, you can count on them to provide recaps. We also use this space to collect pictures and videos that YOU took, from parties or events that you’ve been to recently. If you’re having an event and would like Team Nigma to come cover it, just let us know!

Calendar: This is probably my favorite aspect of the What’s The Move website. For now on, you never have to wait for a newsletter or wait until the last minute to find birthday plans. All of the events will be posted on the calendar. This is good for events that are a couple of days or a couple of months away. You can plan out your birthday accordingly and you’ll never be the last to find out about a huge upcoming event.

Happy Hours: The Happy hours featureĀ isn’t ready yet, but we have something very special planned for you. Winter 2017.

Submit/contact: If you have any questions, comments or want to have your event featured on the website, you can contact the team at anytime. We’re always looking for new events to post so don’t be shy, send those flyers!

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