Brunch for People Who Eat

October 19, 2017

Brunch for People Who Eat

There’s more to brunch than bottomless mimosas and bellinis. And while I love a good cocktail as much as the next gal, brunch has evolved to be anything but a mid-day meal uniting breakfast and lunch in tasty harmony. So this week’s list is inspired by what brunch used to be, food that actually tastes good.

If you’re tired of people dancing on you while you eat pancakes, or the music is too loud while you’re ordering your steak and eggs, this list is for you. You won’t find drink specials on these menus but I can guarantee you don’t have to be drunk to enjoy the food.

Peaches Hothouse 
415 Tompkins Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11216

There’s something here for everybody on this menu. Despite its Southern roots, this cozy restaurant has excellent service and is plant-based diet friendly. More importantly, the food is delicious and the hot chicken is on par with the real Nashville hot chicken. Did I mention that their cocktails were good too?

5610 Clarendon Rd.,
Corner of E 56th St.
Brooklyn, NY

I know what you’re thinking it’s the Brooklyn version of Negril. It’s not! I promise you it’s not. Fusing Carribean and Southern American cuisines, Suede is more than oxtails and jerk chicken. Here you see another side of this tropical cuisine that isn’t often talked about. If you’ve never had Carribean food this the perfect place to become a believer.

Buttermilk Channel
524 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY

I know there’s granola and bean stew on the menu but don’t let that stop you from ordering. People aren’t lining up before the restaurant opens for no reason at all. The ingredients are well sourced and you can taste the difference in the food. Otherwise, it’s the perfect excuse to go to the Gowanus/ Carrol Gardens neighborhood.


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