Ramen Shops To Keep You Warm and Full This Weekend

December 7, 2017

Ramen Shops To Keep You Warm and Full This Weekend

It’s cold outside, visit these ramen shops to warm up with some delicious broths and noodles to keep you warm this weekend.

Don’t let the appearance fool you. This place may look quaint but the ramen packs a punch and will keep you wanting more.

This cozy restaurant next to the bridge has one of the few menus where everything tastes good. Carnivores, even the vegetarian ramen is something you can sink your teeth into.


172 Delancey St

New York, NY 10002

This Japanese outpost constantly brings New York everything that is delicious and creative about ramen. It’s one of my top three ramen restaurants in the city as they specials continue to surprise me after all these years. There is something for everybody on this menu.

Mr. Taka

170 Allen St,

New York, NY 10002

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