Don’t Forget To Treat Yourself While Christmas Shopping!

December 15, 2017

Don’t Forget To Treat Yourself While Christmas Shopping!

While you’re out hitting the pavement shopping for the holidays this weekend, remember to treat yourself to some good quality street food from these locations around the city.

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Xi’an Famous Foods – This ain’t your regular ’round the way Chinese food or the fancy Szechuan spot you’re used to. This family-owned eatery which started in the basement of the Flushing mall is now serving appetites in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Featuring the traditional cuisine of the city of Xi’an, China the food is never a disappointment. Afraid? Start off slow with the lamb dumplings
Various Locations throughout Queens, Manhattan & Brooklyn
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Korilla BBQ – Korean BBQ? Check. Tacos? Check Delicious? Check. Now, what if I told you, you could have all three at Korilla? Don’t believe me go here and check it out for yourself. I recommend the steak quesadilla.
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Oaxaca Taqueria – I’ve never been to Oaxaca for tacos but I’m hoping these tacos are the next best things. Try the ceviche taco it’ll change your life.
Various locations in the city

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