Dig in at One of These Black Women Owned Eateries

March 21, 2018

Dig in at One of These Black Women Owned Eateries

Never mind the fact that Black History month breezed by, it typically does. February was a time to celebrate us as a whole but March, which spearheads Women’s History month, is all about the celebration and uplifting of women. Let’s hope the spring weather plans to break soon. Spring weather or not, you have to eat and why not dine at one of these established black women owned eateries in New York City’s prominent neighborhood for black culture, Harlem. Here’s a list of these restaurants including the yummy food they specialize in, enjoy!

First on the list is BLVD Bistro, a southern comfort, warm-your-soul type of establishment. Ran by husband and wife, Carlos and Markisha the couple collaborates on the business to create the warm and memorable environment of BLVD. With classic southern recipes paired with a personally curated music mix, you’re sure to leave happy with a full belly. During dinner the homemade biscuits, prepared daily usually sell out by mid-evening.

BLVD Bistro

239 Lenox Ave

New York, NY 10027

Next on the list is The Edge Harlem, owned by sisters, Juliet and Justine Masters. Blending their British and Jamaican background into the food and ambiance of the restaurant, anyone who visits is liable to catch the vibes and of course, leave satisfied. Their weekday brunch menu boasts a Coconut Fish Burger and Shrimp & Parmesan Grits. Dig into Ackee & Saltfish or Jerk Chicken & Waffles during their weekend brunch and a Spicy Seafood Pasta for dinner. Be sure to request a fresh batch of sorrel or ginger beer to wash the deliciousness down!

The Edge Harlem

101 Edgecombe Ave.

New York, NY 10030

Seasoned Vegan is owned and operated by mother and son, Brenda aka Chef B and Aaron Beener. The name alone should be a dead giveaway as to what type of food is to be expected. However, if vegan food including vegetarian options hasn’t sealed the deal for you just yet, Chef B assures visitors that Seasoned Vegan takes your typical Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and American dishes and puts a soulful vegan spin on them!

Seasoned Vegan

55 St Nicholas Ave.

New York, NY 10026

Lolo’s Seafood Shack is home to flavorful seafood steam-pots and island classics like Conch Fritters or a restaurant favorite, Johnny Cakes with honey butter. Creator and co-owner, Leticia Young alongside Chef Mohan, collaborated on a “lolo” known in the Caribbean as a small, traditional restaurant where natives and tourists can get an authentic taste of the local cuisine. Stop by and treat yourself to a taste of the Caribbean.

Lolo’s Seafood Shack

303 W 116th St.

New York, NY 10026

The last spot on the list isn’t owned by a woman but it’s inspired by them so we decided to plug this one in as well. Blujeen is home to traditional American, southern soul food with a unique twist. Chef Lance says blujeen is the name given to the women in his family who inspired the restaurant. Not only do these women provide the recipes but they supply the love, encouragement and the strength.


2143 Frederick Douglass Blvd

New York, NY 10026

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