Save the Dates: Four Events You Can’t Miss

March 21, 2018

Save the Dates: Four Events You Can’t Miss

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Freesome parties are always a good time. They plot out their events in advance and build up anticipation with each passing party. You can expect a consistently good time with the FWFNYC team. They kick things off at the beginning of the summer with the Memorial Day Party. Next, it’s the middle of the summer for 4th of July and last but not least the Labor Day Weekend Party. Tickets for each one are on sale now! Get your ticket now and thank yourself later.

NYC Food Truck 

This event was posted on our social media and we couldn’t help but notice the positive reception it’s been getting. It’s only right that we share this event with the good people on our mailing list. The NYC Food Truck Fest is coming back around and if you’ve been craving a delicious meal(s) this is the perfect place for you. You and your friends can make your way around the festival trying different dishes from the various food truck options. I’m 100% there will be hundreds of people there, so it’s only right to stress the importance of early arrival. Imagine getting there right after all the best foods are gone!

Big Ass Kids Brunch 

The Big Ass Kids brunch is exactly what it sounds like. A huge brunch party with some of the coolest 80s/90s babies in the city. There’s throwback music, provided by elite DJs, a Super Nintendo set up with all of the classic games, our favorite board games including Connect Four, Uno and the number one game drunk people probably should play… Twister. This party is hosted by none other than Chrisstylez from The Trappin Anonymous Podcast, so you can expect a great time. If you don’t want to dance and have a good time, this is probably not the party for you.


The party formally know as Hennypalooza will be making history this May with the first even Dussepalooza in NYC. This will be the first Party The TNTH have thrown since the D’usse partnership. The first one was in LA for All-Star weekend and it went off with a hit. There’s no doubt in my mind that this one will be just as big if not bigger. These tickets always sell out, so waiting until the last minute will only lead to your disappointment. This all you can drink (in moderation) event will provide a party experience like no other.

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