Month: April 2018

Save The Dates: Featured Events!

ICYMI: Our Thursday newsletters include featured events that are either coming up soon or in the near future. Either way, these are ones you don’t want to miss. Check them out below and remember to click the links to RSVP to the ones of …


What’s The Food: Burgers, Fries & Macaroons!

Schnippers Welcome back, WTM readers another week, more food! This week, we visited an American chain called, Schnippers, simple but delicious. One of my favorite items on the menu is the Blue Cheese Burger, with lettuce, plum tomatoes and “Schnippers sauce.” I’m not exactly sure what …

Date Night Happy Hours

Hidden Gems: Date Night & Happy Hour

ICYMI: This week’s Date Night and Happy Hour newsletter featured some hidden gems in the city, Mexican and Latin food and some really cool other options. Check them out and be sure to tweet us and let us know if you visited any of …