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What’s The Move Kids: play:groundNYC and more!

May 23, 2018

What’s The Move Kids: play:groundNYC and more!

WCS Zoo & Aquarium Camps

The Wildlife Conservation Society wants to bridge the gap between kids and nature, hoping to spark the mind of the next wildlife expert. They’re offering day camps that not only allow your kids to come face to face with some of the zoo’s animals, but also teaches them how to care and nurture the earth. There are several locations including the city’s five zoo’s and aquarium.

play:ground Summer Camp

play:groundNYC is the perfect camp for kids who love working with their hands and creating. The camp staff provide your kid with all the pieces and tools they’ll need to make their own playgrounds. If your child has never worked with their hands a day in their life, this is the place you want to send them. Make them work for something other than Fortnite upgrades!


KoKo is another camp for the kids who love to create with their hands. All summer long your kids will be working on their very own go-carts. They get to pick the pieces, put it together and design it to make it just right. At the end of the summer they’ll get to race their creation against the other campers. There’s nothing better than working hard on something then putting it to the test.


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