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What’s The Move Kids: Swimming, Cooking and Math Camps!

May 30, 2018

What’s The Move Kids: Swimming, Cooking and Math Camps!

Cooking Camp

Recently I’ve come across a show that has dozens of children chefs making the most delicious meals from scratch. I wish my mom made me learn how to cook top notch meals like that when I was 12. Don’t let your child live in regret! Sign them up for cooking camp this summer. They’ll learn proper cutting techniques and how to create amazing dishes. The best part is, you can taste test everything and they’ll just end up cooking for you. It’s a win-win.

Swim Camp at Asphalt Green

It’s never too early to start your kids off with swimming lessons. Asphalt Green is a NYC day camp that offers daily swimming lessons to kids. This camp not only teaches your young one how to swim but how to be safe in large bodies of water, emergency tactics and water sports. Their staff and facilities are top notch, you will be pleased with how much fun your child has in the water this summer.

MoMath Summer Camp

Not everyone is a natural math whiz. Some of us need extra time with math, that’s perfectly fine. I’ve always noticed I hated math because it wasn’t fun for me. I wish I would’ve known about MoMath Summer Camp. This camp is based out of a math museum that teaches kids not only the history of math and numbers but fun games, techniques and activities that make learning math easier.

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