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What’s the Move Kids: Business, Sleep Away and Fashion Camp!

June 5, 2018

What’s the Move Kids: Business, Sleep Away and Fashion Camp!

This week, we have a business program, a sleep away and fashion camp for you. If your little one is an entrepreneur, loves the outdoors or is a fashion icon in the making, these programs would be perfect for them.

Youth About Business

Are you lowkey raising a future billionaire? If you’re kid has a thing for making money, knocking down challenges and has the charm & wit for those big board room meetings, then Youth About Business is the summer program for them. These sessions are only a week long but in the process your entrepreneur will meet dozens of like minded young people from all over the northeast. The best part is, they’ll be operating out of Columbia University, where there are hundreds of business minds for them to learn from or even partner with on their next project.

Mountain Workshop Sleep Away Camp

A lot of kids don’t really get the opportunity to go away to sleep away camp for a couple of weeks. It’s a great experience and everyone should try it at least once. Get your kid away from the city for two weeks out of the summer and get them up in the mountains. The clean air, open space and outdoor activities are what summer is all about. This Connecticut based camp has everything and we mean everything you would expect an outdoor camp to have. Check out their online brochure above.

Fashion Camp NYC

Your young fashion icon doesn’t have to stop pursuing that dream just because schools out. This is a chance for them to work even harder! Fashion Camp will not only go over the basics of creating your own clothing but will also prepare your child for the business aspect of fashion. This is a very well known fashion program out here in NYC, so there’s no telling who your child will be learning from or get a chance to brush shoulders with.

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