Has the Rain Ever Stopped You From Eating?

July 25, 2018

Has the Rain Ever Stopped You From Eating?

Excellent Dumpling House

What’s the move, New York? We hope the summer is flowing nicely for everyone. This week, I decided to visit an old favorite, Excellent Dumpling House. Excellent Dumpling House use to be located in Chinatown but they have since moved to 23rd Street on the west side. This Shanghainese eatery is most known for their dim sum and dumplings. Specifically, the soup dumplings are marvelous. The Shanghai friend noodles are also popular and a personal favorite. If you’re in the Chelsea area, this is definitely an awesome place to visit. This place can accommodate big parties as well.

165 West 23rd St.

New York, NY 10011


Sticky’s. The Finger Joint

Everyone is going vegan, but some of us out there still enjoy the fried foods. Sticky’s Finger Joint is the place for fried munchies. This chain is dedicated to Chicken Fingers and Chicken Poppers only. And either way you go, you will not go wrong. They have different sauces to choose from to go with your fried goods: Sassy BBQ, Sunny Mustard, Vampire Aioli, Chipotle Aioli, Skinny Dip, Vindaloo BBQ and more. Click here to find a Sticky’s Finger Joint.

Fat Witch

Fat Witch is a bakery that specializes in various flavored brownies. This bakery is located inside of Chelsea Market and has really unique flavors. The cool thing is they call these brownies witches, the mini brownies are called witch babies, too cute. The witch flavors are Blonde, Red Witch, Java, Caramel Witch and more. The witch babies have fun flavors too like Honey Baby, Citrus Baby and Matcha. I really enjoyed these treats. Make sure you check out Fat Witch and let us know what you think.

75 9th Avenue

New York, NY 10011



Check out previous food posts for more ideas! If you have tried any of the places, let us know what you thought. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram at @itsmewandie & @wandieeats.


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