NYC Pop Up Museums

July 25, 2018

NYC Pop Up Museums

New York is popular for our incredible museums and art galleries. We all know about the usuals. (The Museum of Natural History, MoMA, the Guggenheim The Met) All of thee great choices, but to a lot of true, orange and blue New Yorkers, you’ve been to these museums about 100 times since you were a kid on a field trip. You deserve a new exhibit every once in a while, something new, fun, interactive and IG Photo worthy. There are dozens of these events a year and we want to make sure we’re the first to let you know about them! Every once in a while you can expect some new upcoming art events or themed galleries as well as be provided with a ticket link. To start ya off, here are a couple of currents and upcoming exhibits happening in NYC!


The Museum of Pizza




The Pint Shop


Rosé Mansion 

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