Strivers Row: Black Business Row Campaign

August 21, 2018

Strivers Row: Black Business Row Campaign

Believe it or not, it’s National Black Business Month. This is the 15th year celebrating and shining light on Black business all over the country and The Strivers’ Row is using their platform to make sure this month doesn’t go unnoticed.

Strivers’ Row is a community of professionals, creatives, curators and entrepreneurs who are out here chasing their dreams and building a community of hardworking people who support and build together.

It’s only right that for this month, they use their influence to make sure Black businesses in New York City are given the proper attention with
The Black Business Row Campaign.

After doing some research, the Strivers’ found out that only 3% of businesses in NYC are black owned. Considering Black people make up 22% of the city’s population, it’s definitely time to expand. The first step in expansion is awareness.

The Strivers’ have reached out to several Black businesses and sent a Striver or two to get the scoop on a specific black business. Black Business Row consists of 18 Black-owned businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn and The Bronx

For the next couple of weeks, we’re going to help the Strivers’ by making sure you see the media content that these amazing people have pieced together. Every week you’ll receive an email that contains a trailer video featuring Strivers’ and their experience at a black owned business.

One of the incredible aspects of this campaign is, if you mention
Black Business Row or use a unique code online for a promotional offer at all of the participating businesses.
Click the link below to see the participating businesses. 
                                                                         Participating Businesses
For more information on Strivers’ Row and the Black Business Row Campaign, visit Make sure you follow the #BlackBusinessRow hashtag on social media to keep up with all of the content they’ll be releasing in the next few weeks. 

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