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Here’s Why The Movies Are Trash First Dates

September 25, 2018

Here’s Why The Movies Are Trash First Dates

Here’s Why The Movies Are Trash First Dates

Going back as far as I can remember— to be specific, watching Family Matters on ABC’s TGIF—“Dinner and a Movie” has been a staple date idea, word to Laura and Steve Urkel. There’s minimal error with suggesting dinner dates because everybody needs to eat. However, movie dates? That’s another story. The cliché sequence of events are as follows: boy meets girl, boy (usually) asks girl out to a movie. Boy and girl attends movie. Boy and girl sit in silence for about two hours. Boy and girl (usually) go their separate ways. Trash. Unless the objective of the date is to primarily focus on the film and not each other, movie dates shouldn’t be happening for the few dates.

Although I don’t suggest you lead with a movie date, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t happen at all. Consider shaking up a traditional movie date with SecretFormula’s #SpoonsToonsandBooze at Nitehawk Cinema. Imagine watching your favorite Saturday morning cartoons, drinking cocktails, eating unlimited sugary cereal and competing in fun contest, to actually pick the cartoons watched on the big screen. Sounds like a movie date on steroids? That’s because it is.

Cheers, yo!

The Bae-sics
Where: Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11249
What: Spoons, Toons and Booze
When: Next one, Wednesday, October 3rd 9:30pm (Comic Con Edition)


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