The Link Up: Late Night Edition

October 6, 2018

The Link Up: Late Night Edition

One of New York’s best Day Parties is back after a long hiatus, but this time around its the late night edition. Ladies, pull out those heels you been dying to wear. Fellas, get a shape up or don’t come.¬†One thing The Link Up did well was bring people together. Since they’ve been gone for a little while a few link ups are well overdue. If you’ve been meaning to run into a friend for a while, this is the place you invite them! This time around they’re at 5th & Mad. Doors open at 10 pm.¬†Everyone is free until 11pm, so get there on time! These DJ’s are all well known for the damage they do at parties and the Host is known for getting people moving. This is one Link Up you don’t want to miss!

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