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(Play) Baedates: Couples That Play Together

October 16, 2018

(Play) Baedates: Couples That Play Together

(Play)Baedates For the Win!

To be honest, dates have all the potential in the world to be the most awkward experience ever. Going into it trying to be yourself—but better, charming—but not too contrived, polite—but not too eager, can make you mentally exhausted before even going on the date. That’s why activity dates are the ultimate cheat codes for icebreaker dates. Partaking in an activity that requires you both to work together, communicate effectively—and touch—might speed up the chemistry and take the date to new heights.

Speaking of heights, Brooklyn Zoo NY, the industrial fitness space for parkour training, aerial arts, tumbling & trampoline, might be the cheat code you’re looking for. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Zoo NY offers private lessons and classes on activities ranging from break dance classes, parkour, to aerial classes. They even have “open gym”, for beginners who are not quite ready to be amongst experienced back-flippers just yet. If you don’t take yourself seriously, and you don’t mind making a fool of yourself in a foam pit, this date is for you. If you mean business about your athleticism and want to impress your date—this date is for you too!

Cheers, yo!

The Bae-sics:
What: Brooklyn Zoo NY
Where: 230 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, New York
When: Check Schedule here

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