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Heated Tents & Booze: Yes, this is a thing and here’s where you can find them

January 2, 2019

Heated Tents & Booze: Yes, this is a thing and here’s where you can find them

Here’s the forecast for this winter: brick.

It’s no secret during the winter months we often retreat within the confines of our own homes unable to bear the thought of having to layer up to go out and have a good time. Either that, or we’re just washed. But let’s face it, the cold doesn’t stop anything, at least it doesn’t have to. Sounds crazy because you’ve probably never experienced #CampArlo, an outdoor space where visitors can sit in huge heated tents and sip on warm, boozy cocktails.

The Arlo Soho hotel and Tentrr has teamed up to create this secluded experience that puts an incredible spin on s’mores outdoors. Decorated with the coziest winter decor, the tents feature seating areas with blankets, pillows, and classic board games that will certainly trigger your childhood. Skip that heated rooftop bar or that restaurant with the cool fireplace in the back and check out #CampArlo instead.

Tents can be rented for up to six people through March. Walk-ins are welcomed but for now, tent rentals are strictly by reservation. So be sure to call Arlo Soho’s Harold’s Meat + Three (the hotel’s restaurant). Below you’ll find a menu featuring hot buttered rum, white hot chocolate and more!

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