Heart Shaped Everything: Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

February 11, 2019

Heart Shaped Everything: Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

You walk into any store 30 minutes after Christmas, suddenly you see Valentine’s Day decorations in the masses. Everything is slowly but surely melting into red or pink, you see the life-sized teddy bears and three aisles of heart shaped everything. You don’t think about it too much but time goes on and the closer it gets to the day, the more it’s on your mind. Co-workers are planning their dates and you fake chuckle because you’re not pressed, right? They keep asking you what you’re going to do that day, knowing you’ve been single for a solid two years. Annoyance kicks in. Also, last year you said last year would be your last year being single and you would at least be dating by now. But here we are, it’s this year, Valentine’s Day is three days away and still no date.

Usually this would really have me sad and borderline depressed, honestly. Now, not so much. This year, I decided to really care about me and just me. I’m doing a couple of things a little different instead of being sick to my stomach that day about the hundreds of Instagram posts about love and “relationship goals.” I bought my self a cute little outfit, found a nice single-friendly party to go to that night, and I’m actually going to get myself some flowers. It may seem weird or super lonely but I’ve learned that loneliness is subjective. Just because you may be alone, doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to be lonely.

Instead of looking at being alone as a burden, find ways to really get in tune with yourself. If you’ve never taken yourself out on a date or if you feel like you can’t do things by yourself, take time to do that. Listen, if YOU can’t handle being around YOU, how can anyone else? What I’m saying is just find the time to take care of yourself. Put the work in so that the color red, and heart shaped things aren’t triggers. Find events where you can go comfortably, and have a good time. Take the time that you need while single to learn your likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and to make personal gains for yourself. Of course having a companion would be nice. We ALL want to feel loved but really take time to love yourself so when someone is around you can appreciate them more or if someone that’s not worth your time comes along, you’re not settling for the sake of not being alone.

You got this, we got this. Now walk into Valentine’s Day feeling great or at least a little better. Find something you enjoy doing, stay off social media if you need to, and have a great day! If you’re still stuck on what to do or where to go, read about the Drunk Yoga Experience here!


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