The Drunk Yoga Experience

February 11, 2019

The Drunk Yoga Experience

The second month of the year is here which means beach season will be approaching. We all pretty much slacked off on our fitness New Year’s resolutions by the first week of January—by we I mean me—which was being beach body ready, whatever beach body may mean to you. I just feel like I need a small break or change of scenery from my gym for a day or so, but I still need to get a fun workout in.

For now, yoga is what I need to dive back into. I wouldn’t say I’m a yogi by any means but yoga is a calm way to keep working on my health goals while switching things around a bit. Though some of us dread working out, remember that you can find what works for you and your body to keep you motivated. What works for others may not work for you so make sure you find what really keeps you motivated. Otherwise, every time you do work out, you’ll already be over it which in turn will kill your energy. Ultimately, another summer will pass by without your same goal from 2016 completed. Find something that keeps YOU going, work towards your goals, and complete those goals. You’ll be happier overall, trust me.

The good thing about yoga is you do it at your own pace. You learn how to breathe properly, increase your flexibility, gain muscle strength, tone your body, and find peace of mind. I make sure I meditate for a minimum of five minutes after my sessions just to give my body as well as my mind a chance to take everything in and to just relax. It’s important that throughout the whole experience you breathe.

I found a pretty cool event with several dates well into June called The Drunk Yoga Experience. You get the same workout, so you’re still on track with your goals, except with a glass or two of wine. This will definitely be different from my usual yoga class so I’m excited. Come have a good time, have a couple of drinks responsibly, and let’s do some yoga. Say hello when you see me.  See you soon!


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