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The Orchid Show at The New York Botanical Gardens

February 19, 2019

The Orchid Show at The New York Botanical Gardens

Couples & Cocktails: Date Night & Network

The Millennial Wives Club presents: Couples & Cocktails. MWC is a collaborative support group for women who are adjusting to transitional lifestyles, whether that be a relationship status, career move, motherhood, or location. They’re kicking off March the right way, giving couples the chance to meet and greet with other couples who live in their city. Light refreshments will be served!

The Orchid Show at The NYC Botanical Gardens

Perhaps a trip to the Bronx is not the first thing on your to-do list however, it may be worth a visit for this year’s The Orchid Show: Singapore at the New York City Botanical Gardens. Beginning on February 23 through April 28th, you and bae can experience thousands of orchids – all colors, shapes, and sizes – and can even enjoy select after dark dates to witness light displays among the orchids. This is a photo op dying to flourish on the gram. Tickets are $23 on the weekdays, and $28 on weekends.


For the adventurous pair, iFly allows you to skydive indoors so no, unfortunately, there’s no jumping out of a plane – still a good time and also a safe time. Although you’ll have to travel a bit for this one to either the Paramus or Westchester, it’s 100% worth the thrill.


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