Rooting For Everybody Black

February 21, 2019

Rooting For Everybody Black

Although it’s Black history 365, thinking of ways to honor the amazing people that came before us is a reoccurring thought. One of the main ways to honor these people is to simply keep going and to keep pushing through. Of course, we have times when we feel defeated or we just simply don’t want to do things. Find ways to handle those emotions in a healthy manner and do what you are called to do. When you think back on our ancestors, who were kings and queens way before being swindled into slavery; you truly start to move differently.

Often we get so caught up in our daily lives that we let the smallest things deter us from what we want to do in life. We let those things take over our lives so much, creating endless excuses to the point that we get complacent, thus forgetting our true dreams. Let’s stop doing this. The things you keep thinking about doing but you somehow always talk yourself out of doing, do them. The things you get excited about doing no matter what, do them. We have the knowledge, the tools, and endless amounts of information to live the lives we want right at our fingertips thanks to women like Shirley Jackson whose scientific research led to the invention of the touch tone telephone. And we’re able to complete our tasks and get to where we need to go confidently with GPS thanks to Gladys West.

Lastly, we have to learn to stick together more. Our ancestors had extreme perseverance. Ensuring that we would be able to get treated fairly or at least more fair than them is unmatched. The way they stood together to make sure we wouldn’t have to deal with things as ridiculous as segregation, should be enough fuel to get you started. The more people coming together to build each other up, the better. The test of time has proven that no matter what will come our way, we will truly overcome it. Don’t take that for granted. Make sure you’re working on your dreams daily. Don’t let your vision, passion, and purpose die out. They didn’t give up on us, so let’s make sure we aren’t giving up on ourselves.

The mood is always, “I’m rooting for everybody black.”Issa Rae. We got this.

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