Nothing Without Intention – 5 Women Creatives to Get Familiar With

March 8, 2019

Nothing Without Intention – 5 Women Creatives to Get Familiar With

Black history month is all year and since March is Women’s History Month, I’ll highlight some amazing women I follow that you should definitely get familiar with. You truly won’t be disappointed – they’re all killing it in their fields, living fearlessly, and inspiring me to do the same. Side note/life tip: ONLY follow people that inspire you to do better. If you feel drained, unmotivated or as if you need to be something other than your best self, it’s time to use the unfollow button. Quickly.

The first dope woman I’d like to highlight is @CleverlyChloe. I met her recently while filming something for Cups N Convos (follow them as well, the whole movement is hilarious and growing steadily) and she was exactly how she is on social media. That alone is extremely rare. She has a show called “Clever in the City” available on as well as YouTube and also has a podcast called “Clever Coins” available on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. I love that it shines light on her love for New York City while she showcases other creative talents. She posts jobs on her Twitter as well as discussing tips on how to land the job. She’s literally helping people get to the bag. If that’s not enough reason to make sure you follow her, she’s hilarious.

The next woman is one of the main reasons I chose a creative path built on happiness, @Chrismiss. She really taught me that I could make a way to greatness by simply BEING MYSELF. Never afraid to say what she believes in and staying true to her beliefs is commendable. I’ve also met her a few times, more specifically at her event called “Art of Convo,” her energy is unmatched. Her event literally sparked up conversations people often shy away from. It sort of forced you out of your comfort zone as well as made you think and learn about different perspectives.  She’s a badass mother, who’s transparent and unafraid to be herself all while helping others do the same. Also, she serves LOOKS.

@Yesmonewrites is a beautiful spirited, multi-talented woman that I’m really admiring a lot these days. She’s an author of multiple books, her latest being a children’s book called “Joyner and Magical’s Big Dreams.” She’s one of the hosts of a bomb show called Student Union Radio (@studentunionradio). They talk about all the latest news, uncensored. She also does poetry and screen writes. Overall, an all around a dope and driven woman that I know will be a household name for all of her work sooner than later.

When I think of goals as an entrepreneur, I think of @MiaRay . I first found her by her blog “Confessions of a Glamaholic,” years ago and have been watching her ever since. She is the embodiment of a hustler: never giving up and following her dreams, all while being a mother to two young boys. Every thing she lays hands on from handbags, wallets, passport covers, candles, hair, and more sell out instantly. She’s also amazing at putting tomboy chic outfits together. Building an empire from being a motivated, smart, working woman without compromising who she is is goals, for real.

@ExpressionsofSho is a funny, prayed up, transparent queen that I truly enjoy following. I started following her because I saw her light, if that makes sense. All of her posts inspire me to be a better person and to remain living in my truth- it’s extremely calming. She’s the author of two books,“How’s Your Spirit Today?” and “Uncomfortable Conversations With Herself,” which are available on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble. On Tuesdays, she has a segment on her page called #TeansparencyTuesdays which I look forward to because they simply help me remember that I’m human. And I don’t have to have it all figured out as long as I’m actively putting in the work to become a better person. I’m excited to see more great things from her in the near future. She’s working.

@Lorde_Chaos has a show available on Spotify, Apple as well as anywhere else podcasts are available called “Tasha Talks… A lot.” She interviews artists discussing different topics that highlight their craft or topics pertaining to the culture and touches on current events. She also created a self-love curriculum to be used in schools in the future to help children learn how to love themselves not only at home, but everywhere. Working with the mayor and other people who share the same passion, she is attempting to literally clean up her city in Paterson, New Jersey. She’s also a mother, writes, public speaks, hosts, and ultimately uses her platform to teach others about overcoming mental health issues. Her goal is to use her voice to help the spirit of others.

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