#TheGrind: Pizza, Burgers & Booze

April 15, 2019

#TheGrind: Pizza, Burgers & Booze

We’re back in the Boogie Down Bronx on this week’s installment of #TheGrind. Make sure you check back in next Monday for Part 1 of Brooklyn’s finest edition. The first stop is a swanky Italian spot on Alexander Ave, Nobodys Pizza. Dine on pasta dishes, wings, and creative slices like “The Rude Bwoi” jerk chicken pizza, “The Top Model” lobster pizza, or “The Morning After” pizza which if you can guess comes with bacon and egg toppings. Oh yeah, this spot has a bar so if you don’t need a morning after slice, be sure to take a look at their drink menu.

Bronx Burger Bistro is an intimate burger joint on Zerega Ave deemed “one of the Bronx’s best kept secrets.” The burgers are juicy and flavorful and the menu is fairly simple with quite a few menu options for visitors who want something other than a burger. Burger Bistro is a fairly new restaurant that opened up about two years ago but it’s easily become a go to for people who live in the neighborhood and value good food. Vegetarian options are available not to mention they also have tacos, wings, pasta, and other dishes to satisfy your palate. Three words: parmesan garlic fries (pictured above).


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