#TheGrind: Brooklyn’s Finest – Park Slope

April 22, 2019

#TheGrind: Brooklyn’s Finest – Park Slope

This week’s installment of #TheGrind is going down in Park Slope, Brooklyn. First stop is Da Nonna Rosa, a southern Italian restaurant with a variety of menu items to choose from. Da Nonna literally has something for everyone with pastas, specialty and traditional pizzas, rolls, and appetizers like their fried artichoke hearts and bruschetta.  Along with the classic Italian dishes for the those with a big appetite, they also have soups, salads, and other appetizers for those looking for something a bit lighter on their lunch breaks. Vegan options are also available.

Da Nonna Rosa
140 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 788-6225

Tacos are easily a great lunch option: they’re quick, reliable, won’t break your pockets, and are usually very filling. Varrio 408 definitely has you covered with all four of these reasons. Not to mention, they hand make fresh corn tortillas right in front of you. At this Mexican eatery, expect a large variety of tacos, burritos, bowls, nachos, tortas and so much more. Varrio even has a family style vegetarian menu!

Varrio 408
412 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 398-4300


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