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Around the Way : Neighborhood Happy Hours FTW

May 7, 2019

Around the Way : Neighborhood Happy Hours FTW

Neighborhood spots are the absolute best: local, reasonable, and trustworthy. Below are three intimate neighborhood spots that make up for their small size with the huge flavors they pack in their drinks and food.


Glady’s specializes in smoked Caribbean Barbecue, paired with a selection of over 60 rums from the island, Glady’s is easily one Caribbean restaurant waiting to be checked off your list and soon to be favorite. Happy hour is from 5:30pm-7pm featuring $5 rum punches.

788 Franklin Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 622-0249


Calaca is a cozy neighbor spot in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn dedicated to serving only the best Mexican food. Hand crafted corn and flour tortillas as well as the freshest seafood are made daily. This can be the perfect date spot or an intimate gathering for you and a special friend. Calaca cannot accommodate large parties so be mindful when you decide to make a visit. Happy hour is from 5pm-7pm,  Wed-Fri and on Saturday from 5pm-6pm.

139 Putnam Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
(347) 705-9824

Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of gentrification in your neighborhood.  Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen is a young and trendy spot serving southern-American food. From Asian flavored wings to tacos, Charlie’s does not disappoint food wise. Try one of their margaritas if you do decide to stop by. Happy hour is Mon-Fri from 3pm-7pm at the bar.

139 Putnam Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
(718) 684-2338


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