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#WTMKids: Create Your Own Ice Cream at CoolMess

May 8, 2019

#WTMKids: Create Your Own Ice Cream at CoolMess

Upgrade your ice cream experience at CoolMess! Here’s how it works: guest can create their own ice cream flavors or choose a pre-existing base flavor, dress it up with their favorite toppings, and enjoy. You can follow a CoolMess recipe or test out your creativity. A batch of ice cream is $29.99 for three people, $10 per additional person. Check website for nearby locations.

CoolMess – Upper East Side
137 East 62nd Street
New York, NY 10065
(212) 355-9834

CoolMess – Roslyn
1512 Old Northern Blvd.
Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 801-2665

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