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#NotYourAverageWeekend: Free Kayaking in Brooklyn!

July 25, 2019

#NotYourAverageWeekend: Free Kayaking in Brooklyn!

This week on Beyoncé’s internet, we skipped over the negative reviews of The Lion King and circled back to the topic of who should pay on the first date. Is splitting the bill distasteful? Is the one who initiated the date responsible for the bill? Can you use a coupon? Avoid the uncertainty by heading down to Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse where you can go kayaking for free every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (weather permitting). Be sure to check the site for scheduling. Registration is not required. Life vest, instructions, and kayak included.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse
Between Pier 1 & Pier 2
2 Furman St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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