Author: Wanda Flores


What’s The Move Food: Gansevoort Market & Tipsy Scoop!

Thaimee Magic Hello NYC and faithful What’s The Move readers! Hopefully your Fourth of July holiday was filled with joyous moments. This week, Gansevoort Market was the wave. I discovered at least five new favorite eats in the small West Village food market. One …


What’s The Food: Wings!

Wangs Welcome, WTM friends! This week we’re talking wings! I made a visit to Wangs, an Asian and soul food fused eatery. Their wings are some of the best wings I’ve tasted. You also get a full wing as opposed to halves! The spicy sauce is …


What’s The Food: Doughnuts & Empanadas!

7th Ave Donuts and Diner What’s the move, NYC! We hope you had a nice time during Memorial Weekend. I did a lot of eating, of course…Who doesn’t love a good diner? How about a doughnut shop and a diner in one? Then you …


What’s The Food: Sichaun & Italian

What’s the move, NYC?! We hope you had an eventful Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you for coming back to see the eats for this week. Han Dynasty This week I visited Han Dynasty, a Chinese restaurant that has many Sichuan dishes but isn’t specifically a Sichuan eatery. They …


What’s The Food: Taiwan Style Teriyaki!

Welcome back, WTM family! Have you eaten at any of the places we’ve mentioned? Let us know what you thought! Cheers Cut Have you ever heard of Taiwanese Teriyaki? Neither did I, until one week ago and it’s absolutely delicious. Cheers Cut is a …


What’s The Food: Latin Eats!

Happy Wednesday, WTM family! Hope you had a great week and got to try some of the restaurants we previously wrote about. We love feedback. Feel free to read prior posts for more food ideas. We’ve talked about classic foods of New York City: …


What’s the Food: Burger Joints!

Hey,WTM family! We hope you got to try some of the places we wrote about last week. Let us know if you have and how your experience was. This week is unintentionally dedicated to burgers, sort of. Burger & Lobster First stop, Burger & Lobster. This place …


What’s The Food: Chicken Parm Sandwiches & Seafood!

Beso​​​​​​​​ Welcome back, NYC! We’re visiting the forgotten borough today, Staten Island. I know what you’re going to say. But there are a few gems, even in Staten Island. One of them is Beso, a Spanish eatery with savory Sangria and tapas. This is …