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#NotYourAverageWeekend: African Diasporan Art in Brooklyn

The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) uses art to take the conversation of “social and political issues facing the African Diaspora” to new heights. MoCADA isn’t just discussing the history, the museum is transcending what it means to be aware, accountable, and …


How Will You Celebrate?

WTM is for the culture and what better way to honor our culture than spotlighting a few events in the city that showcase exactly what Black History Month represents. The neighborhood of Harlem is rich with culture, customs, and history so here are a …


Rooting For Everybody Black

Although it’s Black history 365, thinking of ways to honor the amazing people that came before us is a reoccurring thought. One of the main ways to honor these people is to simply keep going and to keep pushing through. Of course, we have times when …