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#TheGrind – A Queens Story

We’re switching gears from Brooklyn to Queens for this week, so if you feel like making the trip for some good food or you work right down the block here are two restaurants in Queens for your lunch break! In the other boroughs, we …


#TheGrind – Vegan In the City

While scrolling on my timeline or flipping through Instagram stories, I almost always see a friend switching to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and talking about the benefits of it. Even Beyoncé made the switch! Now I know what you’re thinking, eating clean may …


#TheGrind – Is Brooklyn in the House?

Anyone who lives in Brooklyn knows about the huge Caribbean population from culture to customs. Islands such as Jamaica, Trinidad, and so many others influence the vibe of the borough and food is no different. Today, #TheGrind is putting ya’ll on to two spots guaranteed …


WTM Food Presents: #TheGrind – Made In Manhattan

Working in corporate America (or any job, really) you notice just how much money you spend on food weekly. #TheGrind is a series on cheap yet fulfilling food options for millennials on the go trying to eat but not break the bank while doing …


WTM Food: 6 Spots That Will Warm Your Soul

Hometown Bar-B-Que is as about as mouth watering as it gets. Brisket, ribs, rubs, and sauces not to mention all the fixins: mac and cheese, cornbread, potato salad, oh my! This place is self serve so come ready to eat, preferably with some friends …


WTM Food: Bon Appétit in Brooklyn

Finding those hidden gems in your neighborhood feels like finding your long lost cousin – you know they exist but still remained amazed and in awe when you link up. That’s how we feel about Cheryl’s, MangoSeed, and more. Check out why below. Cheryl’s …

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#NotYourAverageWeekend: Restaurant Week

I know what you’re thinking, “going out to eat is hella average,” but you’re wrong. There are places you go out of necessity like T.G.I. Friday’s and there’s places you go for the experience like Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine.  Thanks to Restaurant Week, …


Deck The Halls With WTM’s Favorite Holiday Recipes

Cooking is one of the ways I show my loved ones I care. Nothing like creating memories over a good plate of food to really solidify bonds. I often showcase my kitchen skills on Instagram but three flicks of the wrist of Lawry’s here …


#NativeExpo Has Your Taste Buds Covered This Weekend

Native Hospitality presents #NativeExpo: A Luxury Experience, an experience geared towards satisfying your taste palettes and providing a space for professionals to connect over artistry. Chef-N-Tailor will be the chef for this event. Vegan options provided by Imani Jones. Proceeds will benefit the #WarOnColdCampaign whose …

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What’sTheMoveFood: MIST Harlem

We’re backkk! This week on What’sTheMoveFood, venture with @itsmewandiee as she pays MIST Harlem, a neighborhood Caribbean spot, a visit. Filmed by @capturednouns, there’s no telling what might go down. Tweet us @whatsthemovenyc or comment on Instagram and let us know another spot you’d like us to visit!