Caribbean Saturdays

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05.12.2018 11:00 pm - 05.13.2018 4:00 am
Milk River
Address: 960 Atlantic ave Brooklyn, Ny

This Saturday like many Saturdays Milk River will be reserved for people who came to have fun and party, but this time around they’re celebrating the mummy’s to make the world go round! Bring out your mom or one of your milf friends and enjoy the night. Caribbean Saturdays is a party full of non-stop Caribbean music and people who came to dance. Everyone is free if you get there a little before 12 am with an RSVP. $20 gets you a rum punch open bar from 11pm-1am.

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  • 05.26.2018 11:00 am - 05.26.2018 4:00 pm

    Each and every Saturday and Sunday you can bring the entire family to Mamajuana Cafe Uptown on Dyckman for a delicious brunch with unlimited mimosas. Brunch only last from 11am-4pm so get up early and start your day off right. You'll leave in enough time to keep making moves!

  • 05.26.2018 12:00 pm - 05.26.2018 7:00 pm

    Sometimes getting one glass is just pointless. You and your friends should definitely investing pitchers when you go out. This party is the perfect place to see what we mean. When you order a brunch entree, you'll have the option to have 1.5 hours of unlimited pitchers of mimosas or sangria for just $25.

  • 05.26.2018 12:00 pm - 05.26.2018 7:00 pm

    Name a better Duo, we'll wait..... Exactly. Tacos and Henny sound like a match made in heaven. Now just add in some really good people, some great music and a dope venue and you have yourself a party. This Brunch will have other options besides Tacos, but the one thing you can't escape is the party. Doors open at 12pm.

  • 05.26.2018 12:00 pm - 05.26.2018 7:00 pm

    This brunch had dozens of great times last year at Angel of Harlem, this time around their changing up the venue and heading to Row House in Harlem.  This time around it's the Memorial Weekend edition. The Alumni Group has a talent for throwing incredible brunch parties and they're doing not one, not two, but three brunches on the same day!. When you order a brunch entree, an additional $25, will give you the flexibility to alternate between unlimited brunch cocktails. Doors open at 12 pm and brunch ends at 5! DJ Money Jay and DJ Nasty will be providing the music.




  • 05.26.2018 2:00 pm - 05.26.2018 10:00 pm

    Grab a bunch of your closest friends and head down to Katra Lounge in the LES. Day Drunk will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this day so it will definitely be a move to make. Everyone gets into this brunch party free until 5 pm. If I were you, I'd definitely come early. Not for the drinks and party, more so because of the food. This food menu looks incredible. Shrimp & Grits,  Chicken & Waffle's, French Toast, Beef Sliders, Mac & Cheese, Almond Crusted Chicken Wings W/ Moroccan Fries and much more. $35 gets you an entree and 1 hour of unlimited brunch drinks.

  • 05.26.2018 2:00 pm - 05.26.2018 11:00 pm

    You and your friends need a day of mimosas, great food and great vibes? This Sunday make your way to Hyaty in the city for the Beauty n Brunch R&B Day Party. Brunch starts at 2pm and ends at 6pm, followed by the party. Everyone is free before 6pm. You will have to pay a $20 cover after 6pm. The happy hour drink specials are from 6pm-8pm, so it's in you best interest to get there at a good time. If thats not enough to get you there early, the first 50 Brunch guest will recieveBeauty and Bonded Brand gift bags.

  • 05.26.2018 3:00 pm - 05.26.2018 10:00 pm

    The Legendary Grits & Biscuits party is making its way back to NYC and theres no reason why you should be missing out! This is one of those parties that has been consistent over the past couple of years. Good times, good vibes and a lot of dancing. GNB is the southern music experience you can only dream about. My advice is to get your ticket now before it sells out and get to Brooklyn early.

  • 05.26.2018 3:00 pm - 05.26.2018 10:00 pm

    No VIP, No bottle service, no hookah and no heels! You guys are lucky they'll allow cell phone use. This party is for everyone who has been looking for that old school party feel. Before we all got caught up in all the extra-ness of going out, when we just went to parties to dance and get numbers on our little Nokia and Nextel phones. The music will be straight 90s and early 2000's and you will be expected to dance!

  • 05.26.2018 3:00 pm - 05.26.2018 10:00 pm

    Freesome parties are always a good time. They plot out their events in advance and build up anticipation with each passing party. You can expect a consistently good time with the FWFNYC team. They kick things off at the beginning of the summer with the Memorial Day Party. Next, it’s the middle of the summer for 4th of July and last but not least the Labor Day Weekend Party. Tickets for each one are on sale now! Get your ticket now and thank yourself later.

  • 05.26.2018 11:00 pm - 05.27.2018 4:00 am

    If you need a good mix of caribbean and hip hop music, then this is the move for you. This DJ line up is taking over Open House on Houston street and will providing just that. Doors open at 11pm and the party doesn't end until 4am. Everyone is free before 12 as long as they RSVP. There is a strict dress code in place. Ladies must wear heels, Fellas, no sweats hoodies or baggy clothing and hats are allowed at the bouncers discretion. Make sure it's a good hat.

  • 05.27.2018 11:00 am - 05.27.2018 6:00 pm

    The Rum Punch Brunch Team has been having a great 2018! This party is hands down one of the best Caribbean parties you'll find in NYC. There's nothing but good vibes and delicious food. People come here to dance! If you plan on standing around and acting shy, this is not the party for you. This time around the RPB Team will be kicking off the summer right with this Memorial Sunday edition. Make sure you get your tickets! I strongly recommend you get there early, with our without a ticket, this isn't a show up late and gets in with no problem kind of party. It will be packed. Don't believe me? Go see for yourself.

  • 05.27.2018 12:00 pm - 05.27.2018 7:00 pm

    What were some of your favorite records from the 90s? These DJ's are going to put on for the 90's babies by playing all of the hits we grew up on. Make your way to MIST Harlem for the everybody loves the 90's brunch party. This time around they'll be celebrating Women for Women's History Month. MIST has several large screens all over the venue, so they'll be showing videos to accompany the music being played. Brunch starts at 12 pm and only last until 2 pm, so if you want to eat you have to get there a little earlier. if you just want to turn up, get there after 2. $35 gets you an appetizer and entree as well as 1.5 hours of bottomless brunch drinks.

    (old flyer same details)

  • 05.27.2018 12:00 pm - 05.27.2018 6:00 pm

    Each and every Sunday STK steakhouse has a very grown and very sexy brunch party at the west 12th st location. Doors open at 12pm and close at 6pm. Thats just enough time to enjoy your Sunday, meet someone new, and still make it home in time to catch your shows and get good sleep before work on Monday. See, grown. Your best bet is to call the number on the flyer and make a reservation, This place gets packed.

  • 05.27.2018 2:00 pm - 05.27.2018 10:00 pm

    From the same people who brought you Mixxy Brunch, TGP presents Dope BBQ. The weather is getting better, but the vibe needs to stay the same. For that reason they're bringing the party outdoors and making sure everyone gets something good off the grill. Mouse Jones will be hosting and the DJ line up will still be made up of some of NYC's party starters. You just need to get there on time! To make matters even better, theres no school or work the next day.

  • 05.27.2018 2:00 pm - 05.27.2018 10:00 pm

    I came across a recap video from the last BNSS party at Le Reve not too long ago. I looked at this video several times and came to the conclusion that THIS is the type of Sunday brunch party I need in my life.  The DJ's were clearly doing their job because everyone in the video was dancing. One of the best parts about this brunch is, $40 will get you food from the prefix brunch menu as well as 2 hours of unlimited drinks. The menu alone is enough to get you there, check it out:


    1)Burger With Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Served With Sweet Potato Fries

    2) Carrot Cake Waffles Served With Sweet Chili Jerk Wings

    3) Bacon Egg And Cheese Burger With Truffle Sweet Potato Fries

    4) Salmon BLT Sliders Served With Garlic Fries

    5)Shrimp In Lobster Cheddar Sauce & Grits


  • 05.27.2018 2:00 pm - 05.27.2018 10:00 pm

    Smooth Tings is back! The first ones were super successful so its only right that they hit you with another one. This time around is at The Bronx Brewery. The party starts at 2 pm and ends at 10 pm. trust me, you're going to want to get there at a good time you can enjoy all of the DJ's Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, and Afrobeat sets.

  • 05.27.2018 2:00 pm - 05.27.2018 9:00 pm

    Looking for a brunch vibe lime no other? Look no further. Doors open at 2 pm and everyone is free until 5 pm. Brunch will be served the entire time. If you plan on eating, I suggest you get there early so you can get a seat and enjoy your food before it gets too crazy. The bottle special of the day is $500 for 2 bottles.

  • 05.27.2018 9:00 pm - 05.28.2018 4:00 am

    Seeing as there will be no work the next day, its only right you enjoy your Sunday Night on Memorial Weekend. One move definitely worth making is this one. The lovely Alexa Leighton will be hosting so there will not only be dozens of beautiful women in the building, they will all be dancing. The cover charge is only $5 when you RSVP so make sure you do that.

  • 05.28.2018 12:00 pm - 05.28.2018 7:00 pm

    We've got the most effective cure for your chronic "case of the Mondays". Every Monday holiday (Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day, etc.), The Alumni Group presents Margarita & Mimosa Mondays. This brunch day party and happy hour is the perfect end to any 3-day weekend! Come turn up with us before you head back to that grind on Tuesday. For just $20, you can add 1.5 hours of bottomless brunch cocktails, including an array of margaritas and mimosas, to your brunch entree. Mondays don't have to suck.

  • 05.28.2018 11:00 pm - 05.29.2018 4:00 am

    Get your ticket now so you won't miss out on one of the biggest parties of the Memorial Day Weekend. If you love non-stop Afro-Caribbean and Hip Hop music, then this is definitely the move for you. By the time this event comes around, the weather will be great, which is fitting for this party at 760 Rooftop. Everyone is free before 12am with an RSVP so make sure you get there at a good time.

  • 05.31.2018 7:00 pm - 05.31.2018 10:30 pm

    Do you think you know Rap Music and Rap culture more than anyone else in NYC? Well if you are willing to test out your knowledge, learn a few new things, have fun battling it out with friends, then this is the Move for you. DoYouKnowRapPeople? is a Hip-Hop Jeopardy event going down in Brooklyn, NYC created by Jaz C., who has teamed up with AkinConsults & CastSoundLab to bring it back to NYC! Not only will you get to test your skills, you have the chance to win some pretty amazing giveaways, your ticket also include, the game, food, open bar, a raffle (Beyonce & Jay-Z tickets) & entry! Music is being provided by DJ Sly Cooliano and the event is hosted by Alexa Leighton & Mouse Jones. Get your tickets now, this event will sell out!

  • 06.01.2018 11:45 am - 06.03.2018 11:00 pm

    Governors Ball is always gonna be a great time, 3 days of non stop fun and music performances from your favorite artist. Tickets are on sale now and your best bet would be to buy yours now. This line up is one of the best in a couple years so you're definitely in for a treat.

  • 06.02.2018 12:00 pm - 06.02.2018 5:00 pm

    Been having a little trouble finding the time to have a 9-5 and chase your dreams? This is the move for you! You will get tips on how to balance out your hectic but productive lifestyle as well as meet other hardworking women walking the same path as you. There will be plenty of activities as well as a panel discussion and refreshments. Productiveness is key and these ladies want to spread the knowledge.

  • 06.02.2018 2:00 pm - 06.02.2018 10:00 pm

    It's a secret society, all we ask is brunch! Join the Brunch Club on the first official Saturday of the Summer and enjoy a brunch party with incredible vibes. $40 dollars gets you a brunch entree and 2 hours of unlimited brunch drinks. As long as you RSVP your entry is free until 5pm. Brunch is from 2-6pm so get there in enough time to enjoy it. After 6pm, the party really starts.

  • 06.02.2018 11:00 pm - 06.03.2018 4:00 am

    No Phones, No cameras, No social media. Just you, some good people and great music. This party has been going on for quite some time and each one is a hit. The throwback aspect of not having technology at the party is the best idea ever. You can enjoy the party without "being watched" and you can give all of your attention to the party.

  • 06.09.2018 6:00 pm - 06.10.2018 1:00 am

    One of the biggest Dominican culture celebrations the city has ever seen is back! Que Lo Que is always a huge party with endless bachata, salsa, and more. If you want to enjoy a good night of dancing and partying with great people, this is the move for you. Make sure you RSVP! The party is free, but RSVP's are mandatory, especially if you want the address! Happy Hour lasts from 6pm-7pm so get there early and take advantage before the prices go back to "I'll have another water"

  • 06.16.2018 2:00 pm - 06.16.2018 9:00 pm

    The Care Free Black Girl cookout in Atlanta was a hit. Dozens of beautiful black women came out to enjoy the beautiful weather and vibe together. This is the move to make if you're looking for a chill event with good people and delicious food. There will be an abundance of black girl magic in the air aka Coconut oil and Shea Butter. There will be giveaways, games and of course music. Just bring your blankets or whatever you want to sit on to Prospect Park and you'll be set.

  • 06.16.2018 5:00 pm - 06.16.2018 10:00 pm

    Make sure you save the date for this epic rooftop party. This is an ode to beautiful black women and something tells me there will be dozens at the Attic on that warm June afternoon. There will be 3 Nubian Shorties DJ'ing that day and something tells me they'll be ensuring all of the women in attendance dance and enjoy themselves. Just for coming out, every Nubian Shorty will receive a gift bag with products from the event sponsors.

  • 06.23.2018 7:00 pm - 06.23.2018 10:00 pm

    às̩e̩ Cafe presents a Juneteenth COSTUME Pop-Up Dinner and Celebration! Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the Ending of Slavery in the United States. This Juneteenth COSTUME Pop-Up Dinner will bring guests traditional Juneteenth foods, dance, and music. The dress code is pretty interesting, prior to Juneteenth Slaves were unable to dress up. As a result, during the initial days of Juneteenth celebrations the former slaves tossed their ragged garments into creeks and rivers and wore their former masters' finest garments. Costumes from Reconstruction Era (1865-1867) strongly suggested or African attire.

  • 06.29.2018 8:30 pm - 06.29.2018 11:00 pm

    Are you tired of living single? Maybe you just need to make a new connection and get inspired by a new face. Either way this is the perfect place for you to do it in. Here's how it works: Every person will get 3 minutes to get to know each other. Don't worry if you are nervous we will have general questions you can ask. During the event, you will receive a Match card. Afterward, if there's interest (you discreetly circle on your interest sheet who you would like to hear from again), if the person does the same you'll get an email with links to contact your "mutual matches". There's no pressure, no commitment, no embarrassment and it's just fun! To end the night, there will be time to mingle with drinks and music.

  • 07.14.2018 2:00 pm - 07.15.2018 11:30 pm

    The Greatest Day Ever! Festival presented by adidas Originals is back this summer for the 5th year with incredible music artists, carnival rides and so much more! Where carnival meets cross-genre music festival, The Greatest Day Ever! provides something for everyone in an inclusive environment where the only dress code is to wear a smile and have The Greatest Day possible. Meet us there on July 14th & 15th and be part of the experience!

  • 07.28.2018 1:00 pm - 07.28.2018 6:00 pm

    After Nigeria made a clean sweep of the Jollof Festivals DC & NYC in 2017, Jollof festival '18 is bound to be even more competitive! Who in NYC will win the Jollof wars 2018?! Eat your way through the best Jollof rice dishes NYC has to offer at our annual Jollof Festival. They've challenged NYC's Jollof chefs and restaurants to come up with exciting takes on this classic comfort food. The event is full of fun, and you will have an opportunity to cast an anonymous vote for the best-made Jollof during the event.