Chocolate, Wine & Whiskey Festival – Brooklyn

There are three things in the above title that you absolutely cannot deny. Even if you’re not crazy about one of them, chances are one or the other two have a special place in your heart. More than 90% of the early bird tickets are sold out for the Chocolate, Wine & Whiskey Festival so I’d act quickly if this is a Move you’re trying to make. Your ticket grants you access to tons of delicious chocolate and a tasting glass to enjoy unlimited premium wine, Prosecco, champagne and the finest whiskies. There will also be an assortment of treats to munch on including but not limited to: cakes, cookies, pretzels, macaroons, popcorn, artisan cheeses and so much more! For non drinkers who want to tag along, there will be non alcoholic beverages as well as ciders and beers! 21+ no exceptions.