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#WTMKids: Saddle Up for Horseback Riding

The connection between a horse and its rider is one filled with trust, understanding, and companionship. Together they put their lives in the hands of someone else. Be an equestrian for the day and possibly ignite a new passion at your local equestrian center. …


#TheGrind: Brooklyn’s Finest – Park Slope

This week’s installment of #TheGrind is going down in Park Slope, Brooklyn. First stop is Da Nonna Rosa, a southern Italian restaurant with a variety of menu items to choose from. Da Nonna literally has something for everyone with pastas, specialty and traditional pizzas, …

Culture Date Night

#NotYourAverageWeekend: African Diasporan Art in Brooklyn

The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) uses art to take the conversation of “social and political issues facing the African Diaspora” to new heights. MoCADA isn’t just discussing the history, the museum is transcending what it means to be aware, accountable, and …


#TheGrind: Williamsburg is a Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away

For this week’s installment of #TheGrind, we’re back in Brooklyn. For those of us who don’t live in the borough, we know just how much of a task getting to Brooklyn can sometimes be. We have an alternative for that, granted the L Train …


#WTMKids: Arcades for All Ages

Video games to children is what social media is for adults. It’s a way to connect with like-minded individuals without leaving your house. Occasionally digital friends develop into life long friendships. Here’s a chance to get gamers all in one room! Chinatown Fair Family …

Date Night

#NotYourAverageWeekend: Axe Throwing

When I think of axe throwing I think of lumberjacks and horror movies. When Bury the Hatchet thinks of axe throwing, they think of a new and exciting way to show off some hidden talents. With a group of friends or your significant other, …


#TheGrind – Vegan In the City

While scrolling on my timeline or flipping through Instagram stories, I almost always see a friend switching to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and talking about the benefits of it. Even Beyoncé made the switch! Now I know what you’re thinking, eating clean may …


How Will You Celebrate?

WTM is for the culture and what better way to honor our culture than spotlighting a few events in the city that showcase exactly what Black History Month represents. The neighborhood of Harlem is rich with culture, customs, and history so here are a …