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#TheGrind – Vegan In the City

While scrolling on my timeline or flipping through Instagram stories, I almost always see a friend switching to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and talking about the benefits of it. Even Beyoncé made the switch! Now I know what you’re thinking, eating clean may …


WTM Food Presents: #TheGrind – Made In Manhattan

Working in corporate America (or any job, really) you notice just how much money you spend on food weekly. #TheGrind is a series on cheap yet fulfilling food options for millennials on the go trying to eat but not break the bank while doing …


Dig in at One of These Black Women Owned Eateries

Never mind the fact that Black History month breezed by, it typically does. February was a time to celebrate us as a whole but March, which spearheads Women’s History month, is all about the celebration and uplifting of women. Let’s hope the spring weather …